Borehole surveys

This database contains key information on boreholes. The database is generated about twice a year as a layer in a GIS environment for use in the Borehole Surveys application. Individual points in the application represent boreholes and polygons indicate groups of related boreholes.
Geoscientific information
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11.99, 48.253, 18.91, 51.247
creation: 1970
1970 - now
Migration of the borehole database to the ORACLE system (finished in 1999) led to the need for a profound change in the concept of this part of the factographic subsystem. After the fusion of the borehole database with the database of hydrogeological objects, including wells, springs, etc., the name was changed to the more general geologically documented objects (GDO). Essentially, data on each object includes basic information on the object and also (in ca. 89 % of boreholes) a formal description of the geological section. The original hierarchic open structure allows further thematic information to be added to these essentials.
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Data Quality

Compilation of the database was initiated in the mid-1970s under the name "Register of boreholes of the factographic geological databank". It was greatly enlarged during the 1980s when data from tens of thousands of boreholes were entered into the register every year. In 1990, intensive loading of archival borehole data was completed. The annual acquisition, mostly of records from newly-drilled boreholes, now ranges between 4 and 5 thousand.
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