Decorative stones

This database contains basic types of rocks, that have been quarried for purposes of usage as decorative or building material in the Czech Republic.
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material/building material/stone
land setup/non-built-up area/mining district/quarry
CGS Geoscientific themes: Minerals Intelligence Network for Europe register 1.0, 2014: INSPIRE Registr číselníků 0.3, 2013:
11.99, 48.253, 18.91, 51.247
publication: 2004
From 2004
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The database is part of the international project, which aimed at interconnecting of all similar European systems.
Czech Geological Survey
RNDr. Barbora Dudíková Schulmannová
Klárov 3, Praha 1, 11821, Česká republika
tel: +420257089554
Role: point of contact
Czech Geological Survey
Klárov 3, Praha 1, 118 21, Česká republika
tel: +420257089411
Role: custodian

Data Quality

The basis for thematic content was taken from specialized books and journals. Additional source of data is ongoing field survey, sampling and photodocumentation. In this way, a unique collection of decorative stones of the Czech Republic and their thin sections is developing, users can also find information about physico-mechanical characteristics of the stones in the database.
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Czech Geological Survey
Mgr. Olga Moravcová, Ph.D.
Klárov 131/3, Praha 1, 118 21, Česká republika
tel: +420257089445
Role: point of contact

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