Quaternary map 1 : 500,000 (GEOCR500)

Quaternary map at a scale of 1:500 000 without bedrock geology was created for the project "Atlas krajiny" (Atlas of the landscape). The map shows the distribution of Quaternary aeolian, fluvial, glacial and organic sediments and volcanites, whereas the colluvial sediments are omitted. Fluvial gravel forms typical staircases. Recent floodplains are separately represented because of possible flooding during the high water stands. The glacial sediments appear marginally in northern Czechia and northern Moravia. The peats occur in the mountains, whereas fens are related to lower altitudes. Two types of travertines represent Quaternary carbonates. The first one are carbonates of thermal mineral water, the second precipitated from cold ground water.
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11.9391596825, 48.2338253671, 18.9576171015, 51.3548947086
creation: 2012-02-01
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