Radon index map of the Czech Republic 1 : 50,000 (GEOCR50)

In the database of the "Radon Risk Association“ the measurements of radon in bedrock from the whole area of the Czech Republic are stored. Maps of radon index at a scale of 1:50,000 have been compiled using statistical procedures to process the measurements so that the areas defined by the vectorized boundaries of the geological units can be classified using colours to indicate the prevailing radon index for bedrock and quaternary sediments (low, medium, high index).
Geoscientific information
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11.99, 48.253, 18.91, 51.247
creation: 2005, revision: 2011
1999 - now
měřením radonu ve stavbách
Czech Geological Survey
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Data Quality


a. Dataset is not suitable for: This dataset has been produced at the regional scale, mainly for the purposes of public protection from radon exposure and for the delimitation of areas for measurements of radon exposure in buildings. Radon index for the purposes of construction of new buildings on a specific parcel cannot be derived from the regional map. b. Charges applied: yes
legálně omezeno (smlouvou se soukromými firmami sdruženými v Asociaci radonové riziko)
Bedrock radon index database contains data acquired with the financial support of the state administration and private clients, therefore the data can be published only for scientific purposes in aggregated form.


Czech Geological Survey
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