Seismic profiles

This database contains state-paid seismic profiles measured in the Czech Republic. Reflection seismic profiles, digitaly registrated, are stored in the SEGY format.The database of this type of profiles contains about 1,000 items. Information about refraction seismic, deep seismic profilling and analogue registred reflection seismic can be found in CGS archieve reports (AGGI).
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Seismic profile
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CDP common deep point
11.99, 48.253, 18.91, 51.247
creation: 2001, revision: 2017
1954 - now
Seismická data jsou výsledkem průzkumu předším uhlovodíku, uhelných ložisek i strukturně geologického výzkumu. Cílem databíze je uchovit neopakovatlená seismická měření pořízená za vysokých nákladů.
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Data Quality

Location accuracy: locations digitized from 1:5 000 scale maps
- seismic prospecting
- digital seismic recording system
- seismic refraction profiles

With a few exceptions, the profiles relate to digitally recorded seismic ("heavy") oil exploration employing the common reflection point method or CDP (Common Depth Point). Selected analog profiles from 1966-1970 were digitized and subsequently processed as simple-overlap profiles. The database does not contain any seismic refraction profiles (measured until the late 1970s) and shallow seismic profiles (mostly shallow refraction). The database also includes seismic data from boreholes, arranged in tables.
revision: 2003, 2015, 2017
Equivalent Scale: 1: 5000


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