Hydrogeological map 1 : 50,000 (HYDROCR50)

Hydrogeological map of the Czech Republic at a scale of 1 : 50,000 is an integral part of the Set of geological and thematic maps and was compiled at the Czech Geological Institute to describe displayed geological environment of each map sheet from the quantitative and partly also qualitative hydrogeological point of view. In an understandable way describes information about groundwater, which is one of the most essential parts of the environmental factors.
Hydrogeological map of the Czech Republic 1 : 50,000 provides these basic types of information:
- type, character and geometry of the hydrogeological environment (aquifers, aquicludes)
- accessibility of groundwater
- evaluation of usability of groundwater from the quantitative point of view
- evaluation of suitability of groundwater for water supply purposes from the qualitative point of view
- possibility of accumulation of groundwater
Geoscientific information
GEMET - Concepts, version 2.4:
science > natural science > earth science > geology > hydrogeology
GEMET - INSPIRE themes, version 1.0:
CGS Geoscientific themes: Spatial scope:
11.99, 48.253, 18.91, 51.247
publication: 2004
1985 - 1998
Created as part of the set of geological and special maps.
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Data Quality

Hydrogeological map of the Czech Republic has been created during years 1985 and 1998 in the framework of project of Geological and Thematic Mapping of the Czech Republic at a scale of 1:50k (Cicha et al.) and covers the whole territory of the Czech Republic. The map depicts the basic types of hydrogeological environment, contains indeces for identifying the stratigraphy and lithological type of the geological environment in the geological legend 1:25k and in the Stratigraphic Atlas of the Czech Republic (Klomínský ed. 1994), and depicts the level of transmisivity by the color of polygons. This map is also supplemented by information about quality of groundwater. Each map sheet contains legend (for international exchange of information, also an English version of the legend has been prepared in 1993 by J.Čurda).
Equivalent Scale: 1: 50000


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